Sunday, 20 January 2013

sweet moment with family

a few days ago it's Saturday i guess, me and my family went to Pahang. Cameron :)
Well, i can say that i love to be there. suitable for honeymoon location. wakakaka :) 
the only thing that i can think is the environment. 
It's cold and and and and i love it =)

1st location is we heading to Strawberry field. They will give us some plate so that soon we just pick up any strawberry's that already ready to take.  Yeah! it's fun to be there and around the strawberry's field we can smell all the fresh fruits. 

My nephew was so excited to pick up the strawberry's. Just let him, and he called me "Cik Na here here, let me take it!"  Okay then, just let him picked which one that he likes. Of course i picked the big ones. hehe :D 

2nd location is tea plantation! 
I really love this place! 
It's so beautiful with all the vertical line which is refer to the tea tree. 
Awesome. Plus all of you should try the tea with ''serai''.
Okay y tu gua mengalah xnak minum xbest. 

I want stop writing, can i?
Here, i put some pictures.

Look at him. Like pro isn't ? haha 
Muhammad Izz Zafraan 
Kakak and nephew :)
Here ! :) Each Strawberry's still fresh 
Here, we can picked which one we like. It's depends :)
See, like i told u previously
:) Perfecto ! 
Triple Awesome

Fresh and Green
Here,  :) Love this picture so much
before entering the tea plant :D
Ice Cream 
It's enough 

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  1. dlm bnyak2 tmpat, paling suka ladang teh..udara fresh, syokk^^


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