Sunday, 25 March 2012

It's Finishing School ;')

24th March 2012
Faculty Business Management 
Taken at : UiTM kampus Puncak Alam 

Team : MDT (Manageable and Dependable Team) 

With : My Girlfriend Hanna, Wana, Aja and  Fath with Her bf Wanse . 

Kewajipan pertama :) 

 Kewajipan kedua :)

Lunch with McD  

Okay bak sini air! DAHAGA >.<

Bak sini sos please 
We all starving 


Si comel Farhana Suhaimi with her book for tulistulis :)

Okay senyum seindah suria both of you :)

Pergi cafe nak cari makan suddenly noticed we wearing tudung with same colour! :)

Never Give Up

Okay another pix with different smile

Call skandal . HAHA 

New Knowledge about Finishing School and we are DONE


  1. "With : My Girlfriend Hanna, Wana, Aja and Fath with Her bf Wanse ."

    Kak jie, im crying, out of blue. Imy so effin much :'/ teringat dulu kite selalu gosip gosip pasal kak fath dgn wanse. pastu sekarang diorang dah betul betul dah. kak jie ingat lagi tak? rindu kak jie! i love you xx

  2. Syasya,I'm crying too. alalala.jgn la sedih2.imy too :'[ mn boleh lupa kita sama2 dulu slalu je gosippp. hehe :)) ingat laaa ingat ingat,sampai bila2 xleh lupaa. nnti kita jumpa tau!Eh btw, akak sem depan bulan 9 da prac and then grad bulan 5 next year InsyaAllah. t lau ada masa kita jumpa ye! :))


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